Boost the productivity of your shopfloor

Stryza is the dynamic worker platform that digitizes workflows and knowledge, helping your frontline operators to onboard and learn faster, work more productively and make less mistakes.

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Stryza at a glance

Future of Work for Manufacturing

See how Stryza enables digital manufacturing for every company.

Production line with software

Easily digitalize your shopfloor operations

Improve your workflows by creating digital guides and instructions. Collect valuable expert knowledge from your employees and prevent a skills shortage.


Stay on top of everyday activities

Track real-time data on every relevant work process, error reports and fixes on your shop floor.


Reduce downtime and waste

Reduce waiting times, missing information and knowledge gaps for your workers. Cut down on changeover and unplanned downtime.


Increase safety and quality

Instantly share critical safety and quality procedures effectively to every frontline worker.

Make everyone in your factory an expert

Get the most out of your employees. With constantly updated and visually easy-to-understand setup instructions, you empower all employees to perform complicated setup processes and become permanently more productive.


Eliminate knowledge and skill gaps

Easily digitize your informational assets to ensure that operators have all the guidance needed.


Train and upskill your workers faster

Create competency fields and required trainings, learning paths and certifications to keep your workforce skills at the highest level.


Make your workforce more engaged

Allow for direct feedback and improvement suggestions as well as internal incentives to keep your frontline workers motivated.

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Make better decision based on real-time process data

Use operationally anonymized process data to gain in-depth insights for your process optimization. Reduce planned and unplanned downtime by analyzing and improving your setup processes.


Optimize your shopfloor processes

Use process data to analyse critical bottlenecks in activities and workflows and easily change procedures to optimize production

React faster to market changes

Reduce down time and changeover times in order to better handle smaller batches and always meet customer demands


Implement continuous improvements

Use employee interactions and insights in order to implement working and motivating continuous improvement cycles.

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Process Transparency

One Platform for Everyone's needs

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For Machinery Users & Operators

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Make every worker an expert and optimize your shopfloor processes with ease!

Dynamic Work Instructions

Process Tracking

Task, Job & Shift Scheduling

Skill Management & Training

Digital Document Hub

System Integrations

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For Machinery Manufacturer & Resellers

machinery OEMs

Digitize your after-sales and bring the best service for your customers.

Digital Document Hub

QR Code Access

Maintenance & Inspection Forms

Dynamic Remote Service

Interactive Service Requests

Spare Part Management

Case study food & beverage manufacturing

Case Studies

Read about our impact at well known manufacturers

We have worked with well established companies form various sectors, including food & beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical and more. Read how Stryza could help them brining their production to the next level.

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What our partners say about us

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Stryza allows us to have more control and flexibility in our daily shopfloor operations and helps us to keep improving and optimising our production processes.

Thorben Liedert

Plant Manager
concept ag logo

With Stryza, every SME manufacturer can easily implement and sustain transparent standardizations across worker activities and remain competitive in today's market.

Dr. Harald Balzer

Founder & CEO
viessmann logo

The intuitive and easy-to-use Stryza platform can be used by any worker, regardless of their qualification or training background. Making it the ideal tool for a diverse workforce.

Dr. Martin Mittermeier

Managing Director
dr wolff logo

Thanks to Stryza, we have been able to significantly reduce our changeover times and better handle our growing product portfolio and increasing production complexity.

Dennis Becker

wattx logo

The ability to personalise workflows and knowledge visualisation to each users' individual qualification really sets Stryza apart compared to any other workflow solution.

Dr. Simon Müller

Managing Director
dmk logo

We were really impressed by how customizable the Stryza application is. With the help of their team we could make it work even for some more unusual use cases in our operations.

Tobias Wageringel

Head of Engineering
Clevis Logo

Bringing together the worlds of work and process instructions with skill and competency management makes the Stryza application way more versatile and effective for any operation.

Daniel Zinner


Use Cases

Stryza is a dynamic and versatile platform that allows you to optimize a variety of work processes in modern manufacturing

Inspections & Control
Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Shift Planning
Shift Planning
Training & Upskilling
Training & Upskilling

Easily integrated with your existing systems

Stryza can easily be connected or used together with most kinds of ERP, MES or HRM systems. If a connection to your system is not supported yet, we will happily create a custom connection to make Stryza work best for you!

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Recent News

Improve Quality Control in Food Manufacturing

Ensuring product quality and safety in the food industry through rigorous quality control (QC) and quality assurance procedures is essential. Meeting consumer demands for reliable and safe goods requires adherence to stringent quality inspection protocols. Avoiding product recalls due to potential health risks is a top priority.

Establishing a positive manufacturing culture

What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of working in manufacturing? Surely not the working culture associated with it. We think that by digitising the shopfloor and upskilling the frontline workers, it is certainly possible to establish a positive work environment in the manufacturing industry.

Digital transformation challenges

What are the key challenges facing manufacturers for digital transformation this year?

Standardising quality assurance in manufacturing

How can you implement a more standardised way for your quality insurance?

Learn how you can easily improve your production

Book a free demo of our application and see how it can take your manufacturing operations to the next level.

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