No more paper waste - 7 reasons to switch to digital forms

No more paper waste - 7 reasons to switch to digital forms

Electronic forms and checklists are progressively replacing traditional paper-based methods in manufacturing operations as the preferred tool for monitoring and ensuring compliance with work standards. Over the years, these solutions have undergone significant advancements, offering benefits that go beyond the obvious advantages of streamlined data collection. This is particularly true for e-forms and checklists designed specifically for manufacturing.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider replacing your paper forms with Stryza's electronic forms and checklists.

  1. Time: Electronic forms and checklists can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to pen and paper. Based on the sheer volume of these documents in most factories, this could translate into a reasonable amount of money.
  2. Easy: E-forms and checklists provide a more intuitive and efficient understanding of tasks due to the inclusion of additional information, such as multimedia content. By incorporating videos or photos, e-forms can provide clearer instructions for workers on how to complete checklist tasks. Additionally, workers can attach visual evidence, like photos or videos, within the forms to illustrate issues or deviations encountered, reducing the need for lengthy discussions before implementing corrective actions. This streamlined process enhances communication and expedites problem-solving.
  3. Quality: Electronic forms and checklists significantly minimise data errors and omissions within documents. By utilising pick-lists and multiple-choice fields, workers are prompted to choose from predefined responses, ensuring standardised data entry. Additionally, mandatory form fields can be implemented, ensuring that all required information is provided before the form can be submitted, further reducing the likelihood of incomplete submissions.
  4. Visibility: Completed forms and checklists provide real-time data visibility to all stakeholders within the plant and global operations, enhancing visibility and facilitating inspections. The need to wait for data to be manually entered into a central system at the end of the day or week is eliminated. In the event of a deviation, relevant stakeholders can be promptly notified directly through the app, reducing response time for corrective action.
  5. Collaboration: When e-forms and checklists are integrated into a comprehensive connected worker app like Stryza, workers can seamlessly collaborate to address problems or rectify deviations. The individual completing the form can initiate a call for assistance within the app's digital news feed, sharing a link to the form. This enables other workers to provide their insights, suggestions, and even share visual aids such as photos or videos to help resolve the issue effectively.
  6. Compliance: In contrast to paper records that are susceptible to loss, misplacement, or damage, electronic forms and checklists serve as permanent records that meticulously document and track inspections, deviations, and corrective actions. This ensures that manufacturers retain the necessary audit records to demonstrate compliance with industry, government, and internal guidelines. By utilising electronic documentation, organisations can maintain a robust record-keeping system that enhances accountability and supports adherence to regulatory standards.
  7. Environment: Digital forms are an essential necessity for any paperless factory, as they eliminate the burdens of printing, storing, and managing numerous paper records in file cabinets and storage facilities. This transition has a profound impact on a manufacturer's financial bottom line and contributes positively to the environment by reducing paper waste and resource consumption. Embracing digital forms offers both economic and ecological benefits, further reinforcing the case for their adoption in modern manufacturing operations.

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