Rethinking Visual Factory Management by Implementing AI-driven solutions

Rethinking Visual Factory Management by Implementing AI-driven solutions

Visuals guide our daily lives and play a crucial role in learning. However, their power extends far beyond everyday experiences, serving as a cornerstone of effective communication and learning in factory settings. Numerous studies have shown that visuals are essential for conveying information efficiently, ensuring it is easily understood, remembered, and acted upon.

In the context of modern manufacturing, where efficiency and clarity are paramount, visual cues become even more important. They facilitate quick understanding and streamline processes, enabling teams to work with greater precision and coordination.


In Lean Management the usage of Visual cues and signs is referred to as Visual Factory Management (VFM), which is designed to improve operational effectiveness. This approach has 

been widely used in industrial companies for years now. However, today’s ever changing landscape requires manufacturers to rethink traditional Visual Management Methods. 

In this article, we delve into the principles of Visual Factory Management, its benefits, and practical applications. We also illustrate how digitizing this approach can revolutionize the manufacturing process and drive operational excellence.

What is Visual Factory Management?

First of all, what exactly is Visual Factory Management? VFM focuses on creating a visual workplace that promotes clear communication and collaboration by utilizing tools such as visual displays, color-coded systems, and standardized work visuals, VFM makes complex processes more understandable and manageable for all employees.

Through the use of visual displays and cues, information can be shared quickly and effectively, errors can be avoided, and problems can be resolved quickly. Visual Factory Management also provides real-time insight into key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling teams to make informed decisions and continuously improve their systems. This allows supervisor and employees to 

What does Visual Factory Management look like Today ?

Yet, merely implementing visual factory management techniques is no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment. Traditionally, whiteboards have been the primary tool for visual factory management, with sticky notes and pens being the most commonly used methods. However, this approach presents several challenges, including the inability to effectively store or capture data, as information is lost once it is deleted, or the manual update process is time-consuming and error-prone. It also lacks the ability to integrate with digital systems, limiting real-time access to critical data and insights.

To address these challenges, modern visual factory management necessitates digital solutions that provide dynamic, real-time updates, seamless data integration, and enhanced accessibility. AI based digital worker platforms like Stryza enable manufacturers to digitize visual management, aligning it with the demands of contemporary manufacturing landscapes.

How to supercharge your Visual Factory Management by Implementing AI-Based Solutions

Improved Learning 

Visuals are the core of effective frontline training.  Our brains process and retain visual information much more easily than text.  That's why clear, concise visuals are essential to creating a successful Visual Factory Management (VFM) program.

AI-powered solutions like Stryza unlock the full potential of visual learning.  By automatically generating step-by-step instructions that incorporate images and video, Stryza breaks down complex tasks into easily digestible steps. This not only improves employee learning and retention, but also ensures consistent execution of processes, ultimately strengthening your VFM strategy.

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Error Reduction 

Visual factory management relies on immediate and clear information to prevent errors in production. Digital work platforms like Stryza take this concept a few steps further.

Stryza delivers critical information in real time as the work step is being performed. This means that workers get the information they need when they need it. No more forgetting and wrong settings. With clear, AI-powered work instructions guiding every step, your factory experiences a significant reduction in errors and their associated downtime.

Improved Safety 

Visual Factory Management (VFM) excels at keeping workers informed. However, traditional methods can struggle to deliver critical safety information in real time. Enter AI-powered solutions like Stryza, which transform VFM into a proactive safety shield for your workforce.

Instantaneous Safety Alerts: Gone are the days of relying solely on posters or infrequent safety briefings. Stryza delivers immediate visual and auditory alerts directly to workers, warning them of potential hazards, chemical risks, and necessary safety protocols. This real-time notification system minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

Dynamic Safety Instructions: Safety procedures can be intricate and vary depending on the task. Stryza allows you to create dynamic, step-by-step instructions that seamlessly integrate safety measures into the workflow itself. This ensures workers have the information they need precisely when they need it.

Effortless Guideline Updates: Maintaining up-to-date production process guidelines can be a challenge. Stryza's platform streamlines this process, allowing for easy updates. Workers consistently have access to the latest safety information, fostering a safer work environment.

Improved Transparency 

Visual Factory Management alo fosters information and knowledge sharing leading to greater transparency across teams and departments. However, even with traditional methods Communication breakdowns often lead to frustration and inefficiency. Stryza streamlines communication by providing a centralized platform for information exchange, fostering open dialogue and collaboration. Due to Real-Time Updates information can be shared continuously to provide up-to-date information on production, the team and problems and issues. 

Fast Real-Time Updates: 

In addition Expert knowledge is no longer confined to a select few. Stryza facilitates knowledge sharing by making it easy to capture and disseminate best practices, procedures, and critical information across the entire organization.

5. Capture Data Data collection of processes

In the age of data, capturing valuable insights from your processes is crucial. Stryza goes beyond simply collecting process data. Its intelligent system analyzes this data to reveal hidden potential. This allows you to identify areas for improvement in production while also uncovering opportunities to optimize your training programs. Easy-to-understand visual aids help teams identify areas for improvement, such as bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Complex performance metrics and critical indicators are transformed into a more digestible representation, making it easier for everyone to understand progress and identify opportunities.

Visual Factory Management in a Nutshell

Visual Factory Management is essential for a functioning factory to meet the modern challenges in the manufacturing landscape. However, traditional paper-based or whiteboard methods are no longer sufficient.  Updating your Visual Factory Management with AI-based worker platform solutions such as Stryza significantly help you improve your Daily Factory Management in all areas. 

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